13 февруари 2008 г.

VFSix - Mr.Rabbit

VFSixMr. Rabbit
Good morning Mr. Rabbit
Do you remember me
I’m your Alice
If you didn’t see

How are you Mr. Rabbit
In my headlight
We are together now
Beyond the dark

I’m really sorry about that
I’m not the princess of your childhood tales
I see the sadness in your eyes
Just like a thousand good-byes

Hey Mr. Rabbit
Where have you been
When your mama told you
Don’t do this,
And don’t do that
Like a scary picture
Your life goes on
Turn the page and see

It’s a really bad sign for me
It’s a bad sign
It’s a bad sign for me
It’s a really bad sign

So good-bye Mr. Rabbit
Have a nice dream
I’ll never see you