1 август 2009 г.


OK..here I am.
Hallo...Earth!Hallo Mothership!Hallo Bulgaria!
Wow...I'm back...le tired, le amazed, le confused....
And i miss my flat, my friends, my landlady, my other HOME!
Ok, no more sad writings...I'm again in Bulgaria and tha's amazing.I miss a lot of things abroad, but I know that here already began the new beginning of something.

Hey, if some of the people who know me from the Every day normal flat - I send you a lot of hugs, kisses and greetings, maaaaaaaaaan! :)

Ok, ok.Yip...I'm ok.It's very weird that I write in my blog in English, but I think that that time came.I'm sorry BG-people...!
Anyway, I was so excited these days.I haven't slept normal from...4 months!But I'm happy that i didn't.Because in other ways I'll not be able to think and remember right now about the experience and the parties and the...nice evenings/mornings...all the time that I spent in that green, rainy, windy and so close to my heart city.