15 май 2010 г.

first days of may

first of all the parquette is finished!!
it's shiny and clean :)
there were really hot and sunny days.
i was so happy to wake up and see that the sky is smiling to the sun. :)
and after the sun comes the rain :) 
and then my nose can rest a bit from the pollens :)

i repaired my bike, it' ready to go...
i have no patience to try it in the mountain. 
...some sunny day. :)

and the probation stared before a few days. 
it's very interesting. we see and learn a lot of things.

some insects captured in a trap :)

every morning i'm gettin up very hard, but the thought that i'm going to that place with those gorgeous plants...make me think that i'm dreaming, and i don't want to wake up from that dream.

a lot of bugs we see each day. i'm trying to think about their latin names, but it's soooo haaard :D

and a lot of ladybirds :)

the vine garden. and vVitosha mountain above.

and plant diseases...oh my! i hope i'll pass that exam soon.

i'm so happy to see the whole process of plant's life

there are rabbits too. big and babies. 
soon one of them will become a mother. i hope i'll be there to see it.

oh, we are practicing our botanical skills. 
and learning a lot of new species.

Papaver rhoes.

Leptinotarsa decemlineata - Colorado potato beetle

and nice view to Vitosha Mountain.